Melanie’s Big Top Circus Party!

What can we say about this circus themed party except that it was fabulous!

We put together a circus party box for our client in California,Little Miss Melanie who is turning 5,and we must say it came together perfect!

We start off with her Custom invite that match her other custom printables for her party!mel invite

So as you can already see,this setup was amaze balls! I Personally love the Popcorn box Balloons!
A closer look at the details:)
Handmade Tiger Cage, i really like how this came out,its all about the details and going the extra mile for the little ones!
These cookies turned out so awesome!
How cute is the lion?!
Circus themed oreos add even more detailing!


Of course we had to add a bow to our cute monkey,and let her enjoy a few treats! Looks like she likes the rice krispy treat pops!
Just a few more details
We always like to add custom ideas,to make birthdays extra special for the guest of honor, these custom bubble gum necklaces came out so cute! We will have a DIY TUT on this project soon!


Instead of goody bags,we placed favors,and toys in this candy jar and tray..its filled with mini m&m’s,bubbles,animal crackers,clown noses,circus rings,playdoh and so much more!
Custom hershey bars
We bagged a few cookies for easy take home favors for the kiddies
SOOOO, lets talk about my favorite project for this party, this custom handmade popcorn cart! I was determined to make this by any means necessary,and after a lot of trial and error and frustration, i think it turned out adorbz! It was well worth it!
Candy apples!
So, since this was a party box,and not a local party, we didnt provide the cake, but i decided to make a “dummy Cake” for the setup and i think it turned out cute…i think a DIY TUT will be coming soon for these:)


Another something special and oh so cute, these chocolate covered pretzels! Cute huh?!


It wouldn’t be right if we didnt have cracker jacks on the table:)
Couldnt wait to use my new candy jar, i think it looks perfect


Love the ferris wheel! It can be used for many items, we used ours for cupcakes and animal crackers.
Custom printables
And Lastly, Marshmallow Pops! They came out too cute!!!


Dont forget the Custom water bottles,a must have at any party!


And last but most definitely not least, Melanies custom Ring master Dress! Can we say

CA-UTE, it brings this over the top party all together!!!

Click here for Dress info–> Melanies Ring Master Dress


We cant wait to see How Melanies Mommy sets her party up, stay tuned for the next blog post!

For info on the dress visit our site at

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We will be having a Party Giveaway soon,so stay tuned!

*Please note all items are made by Pink Toes & Hair Bows, unless stated otherwise*


4 thoughts on “Melanie’s Big Top Circus Party!

  1. How much it would cost to have all that circus d candy table done?.. in total


    1. hi brianna, please email us at for info tysm 🙂


  2. KaShun Moseley June 12, 2016 — 9:17 pm

    What is the deposit on a party for October 8, 2016 my daughter is turning 7 years old and I need some ideas for a 7 year old girl


    1. Hi,thanks for your interest, deposits depend on the total cost of your party,we are busy with halloween season around that time and will be limited on party bookings. Please email us for further detail and info thanks so much


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