Annika & Co Party


As always a Party cant be started without the invite! How adorable is Annika!!

Scroll down to see the details of her Tiffany and Co. inspired party!11872033_10154141662027738_490332179498810426_o

Annikas Birthday Shoot! She is just the cutest thing!11794395_10154141655387738_3056723608951920012_o11802747_10154141662052738_283613110182520724_o

How lovely is this dessert table,its all about the details!11879112_10154141656287738_3263614061143236283_o

Birthday letters are the highlight of this table,pretty and full of glitter!11879118_10154141656312738_8117749666431161431_o11875061_10154141656577738_5120740894647741041_o

Lets get into the candy and sweets deets! Be sure when displaying your rock candy you put other candy in the bottom of your jars to add height.11823072_10154141656417738_4263119508335911991_o11816104_10154141656847738_2815543880624359074_o

You cant go wrong with Gumballs and Lollipops!11807311_10154141656902738_7534931471362855092_o

Custom candy bar wrappers add a personal touch to these candy bars11807665_10154141657257738_3515869838493666818_o11807281_10154141660202738_8524003984325211303_o

I think someone is happy! SOOOO cutesy!11807425_10154141657657738_6335451232130521147_o11794385_10154141656717738_2546124826549457758_o

Cant forget the marshmallow pops! These are so yummy and easy to make,the ideas are endless! Dont forget to add your straws for details!11218244_10154141656922738_6083853405355878274_o11036902_10154141656972738_935354964376944783_o

Custom birthday boards add that personal touch,remember its always about the details,adding deets make your event complete!11879052_10154141661337738_8057324880802680321_o (1)

Photos courtesy of Yolanda Betran


1 thought on “Annika & Co Party

  1. Amanda Gaspar May 3, 2016 — 1:47 am

    Wow!!! All I can say how amazingly beautiful are these party packages? Literally you’re one stop party shop. Everything I need from an outfit down to the banners and goodies! Such a uniquely creative idea! Absolutely love!


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